Softub Models

Choose from our four Softub Spa models to find the perfect hot tub for your own individual needs. Select the size and your favorite color options and accessories to create your personal oasis of relaxation. Located in New Jersey, Sparta Softub has been a factory authorized sales and service representative since 2006.

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     Portico, 5 - 6 adults     

     Resort 300, 5 - 6 adults  

     Legend 220, 2 - 4 adults  

     Sportster 140, 1 - 2 adults  




Easy Set Up

Weighing 88 pounds or less, even the largest model can easily be rolled through standard doorways, up and down stairs, inside or outside, and across lawns by one person. Simply align the three connectors, turn, and tighten. Fill your spa with water from the garden hose, then plug the GFCI power cord included into any isolated 15 amp/115 volt. Enjoy!